Our Financial Planning Approach

Futureproof Finances LLC, "A financial planner rooted in the 21st century".  The “tag” line “Rooted in the 21st Century” is very significant.  The 21st century is distinguished from the 20th century by the extensive computer and technology literacy of a vast number of people, of all ages.  Instant access to financial information, as well as sophisticated financial and investment calculation capabilities, makes it not only desirable, but imperative that individuals and small businesses learn enough financial facts and theory to make their own financial decisions.  Futureproof Finances LLC is dedicated to working with our clients to:

                                         Become comfortable with computer based spreadsheets to quantify and analyze their income,                                                        expenses, investments and cash flows.

                                         Be able to monthly or quarterly, update those spreadsheets to understand if they are making                                                            reasonable progress toward their financial objectives.

                                         Most importantly, to take advantage of the decades of financial and investment experience of the                                                    Futureproof Finances staff to explore and select ways of keeping their financial plans on track toward                                            their financial goals.

                                         And, for the clients who do not want to take the time to run their own analyses on a regular basis,                                                    Futureproof Finances will provide monthly or quarterly tracking, and provide a complete update and                                              analysis to the client, both by e-mail and at personal meetings.

                                         The “Futureproof” in our name also represents our investment and advisory focus.  We work with                                                   both youthful clients reaching the peak of their earning years, as well as mature clients, about to retire or already retired.  In every case, the overriding desire of nearly every client is to be assured of a comfortable standard of living during an increasingly long period with little or no earned income.  Futureproof Finances has developed methods, combining insured accounts from a variety of sources, which can provide the upside and inflation protection of the volatile stock market, AND assure enough income to sustain their standard of living through major economic downturns.

Futureproof Finances LLC tailors its services individually to each and every client.   We will understand as much detail of the client’s financial position and desires as the client decides to disclose.  A unique plan will be crafted for each prospective client.  


Financial Planning and Consulting Services