Do you know these risk


TIPS  (Treasury Inflation Protect Securities)

STRIPS  (Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities)

Equity Linked Certificates of Deposit (FDIC Insured)

Commodity Linked Certificates of Deposit (FDIC Insured)

Modified Endowment Contracts

Deferred Lump Sum Structured Settlements

Deferred Fixed Term Structured Settlements

Fixed Index Annuities with guaranteed income rider

Deferred payout fixed annuities

Variable Market Based Annuities with guaranteed income rider

Differential life expectancy permanent life insurance

Insured Return Solution – Arbitrage Annuity/Life Insurance

Market Based Managed Account with loss avoidance

Enhanced Index Based Strategies – Intrinsic Value Strategy

​Traded and non-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts

​Phased expense reduction strategy

Can you define all of these risks and risk reducers and could you explain them to your spouse?

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Are you risk literate?

Do your investments protect you from risk of principal?

If they do, then they probably don't protect you from most of these risks:

Purchasing Power Risk

Market Risk

Interest Rate Risk

Systematic Risk (effects the whole stock market)

Unsystematic Risk (effects a single stock or sector)

Credit Risk

Reinvestment Risk

Call Risk

Liquidity Risk

Event Risk

Geopolitical Risk

Currency Risk

Opportunity Risk