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Futureproof Finances LLC is a Financial Consultant and Financial Planning Firm.  Futureproof Finances, LLC is NOT a Registered Investment Adviser.  However, account management, investment acquisition, and advisory services can be obtained through Singer Wealth Advisors, Inc., a Registered investment advisor in the State of Florida.  For further information go to: http://www.SingerWealth.Com

Singer Wealth Advisors, Inc.  is registered with the State of Florida,  but such registration does not imply or guarantee any specific level of skill or training.

New Client Two Hour Prepaid Consultation

Instead of a one hour no-cost consultation, new clients can choose a two hour prepaid consultation.  At the end of this consultation, new clients will receive everything shown above for the no cost consultation, and will receive in addition:

  • A 25% discount on the first year of services (all standard fees have been filed with SEC form ADV)
  • A firm quotation for Futureproof Finances to develop a complete financial plan
  • A financial health evaluation score showing how safe or risky your financial condition is.
  • Assignment of your personal financial consultant with his personal phone number 
  • Priority scheduling of all future meetings 

New Client No Cost Consultation

All new clients are entitled to a one hour, no cost consultation.  At that meeting, you will be asked general questions about your financial concerns, your current situation, and your future goals and objectives.  You will not have to reveal any detailed or specific information about your accounts, income, debts, or financial holdings.  From the general information that you do provide, you will at the end of the hour receive:

  • A candid assessment of your financial fitness
  • A set of financial planning forms that will be of great assistance to you whether you become a client or not.
  • Recommendations of actions that you can take immediately to improve your future financial situation
  • A bugetary estimate of the cost for Futureproof Finances to develop a total, complete, and comprehensive financial plan for you and your family

Special Introductory Packages for New Clients

Regular price is $600.  Register through this website and we will apply your 25% discount immediately.


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