Financial Planning and Consulting Services

  • Determining your current income, expenses, and savings
  • Understanding the financial needs and desires of you and your spouse
  • Evaluating your attitudes towards financial risks
  • Updating or creating your personal balance sheet
  • Creating a baseline financial profile and forecast from now to your age 100
  • Showing you all of the possible changes to your future financial security for many different assumptions of market performance, inflation, investment returns, portfolio structures, spending patterns, retirement time frames, and legacy desires
  • Providing a variety of investment suggestions to "futureproof" your financial future and show you their impact on your financial profile and forecast
  • Providing a set of specific investment suggestions and suggested sources of "second opinions"
  • Assisting you with the implementation of your financial profile with alternative product evaluation and selection
  • Training you on the use of the compterized tools that you need to monitor and manage your financial profile
  • Perform monthly, quarterly, or annual reviews of your financial plan and profile, with suggested changes and updates.

We Want to Be the Architect of Your Financial Future

If you want to built the perfect custom home, you don't run out and start buying bricks, and lumber, and hammers and nails. You think long and hard about what you really want, where your really want it, and what it should look like.  You then search far and wide to find a tract home that meets your criteria, or you hire an architect to design your perfect home.

Yet, when people try to envision their perfect financial future, they pretty much helter-skelter start buying a little bit of this investment, and a little bit of that.  Very few people take anywhere near the time to plan their financial future that they do to plan their perfect home.  Futureproof Finances LLC has the skills and tools to be your financial architect.  As such our services include:

Planning and Consulting Services

Like an architect, we get paid for our time and effort not based upon the number of bricks that you buy.  Our fees are based upon an hourly rate, which varies with the skills required, and based upon the total size of the job to be done.  After a free consultation, we will provide a quotation for the entire process needed to give you and your family the financial comfort that a complete understanding of your current and future situation will bring.